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Hello Newgrounds

2008-08-01 03:19:53 by PookatDino

My alias is Pookat, I'm a blue-haired wondergal and I'm pretty optimistic about finally joining the site. I don't have too much to say besides I hope I can bring something interesting here with me.
I like to think I have a basic idea of how to operate flash but I'm no pro, so I also hope I can learn some things.
But working on flash is my 2nd passion, the 1st is general art/design, my DA is right: here For those interested in seeing what else I can do.

And that is all for now. Feel free to drop a line if you have any comments or such. :]

Hello Newgrounds


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2008-08-01 03:27:14

I'd love to check your DA, when sober... pm me the link so I remember. Please?

PookatDino responds:

Sure man :]


2008-08-01 03:32:24

thank you very much... and I'm a chick...

PookatDino responds:

Yeah I saw, I call everyone "man" men and women, sorry if you got the wrong idea.


2008-08-08 21:53:40

Poke Solid Snake can kiss my ass and I agree 100% with your comment.


2008-09-16 00:37:05

what's this? A newgrounds user who votes and reviews fairly?

I always thought they existed only in myth....


2008-09-19 00:15:41

Why dont you buy a bamboo fun? it is a tablet for you to draw on it, its like the touchpad on the laptop but you can draw with a pen. Check my account im talking about it right now. and leave a comment plx :3